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CVOR Tickets: Protecting Your Record and Right to Work

As a truck driver, you more than likely have had that old trucker feeling before. Driving on the open road on a sunny day, and travelling across North America and thinking, “Life doesn’t get much better than this”.

But if you’re an experienced truck driver Ontario, you’ve also had that other trucker feeling. Passing by the truck inspection station, seeing those lights flashing indicating you are to enter the station, and thinking “What’s going to be the problem this time?”

Truck drivers in Ontario have a special set of points just for them known as CVOR Points, and when they receive a trucking related ticket, it’s considered a “CVOR ticket”, and protecting your CVOR record has never been harder. When you enter one of the truck inspection stations around Ontario, or if you are inspected by a road side stop, after looking into your logs, inspection reports, and inspecting your truck for the 25 different components that could be considered a “major defect”, something will be contrary to the law.

It is impossible for the average truck driver to ensure that in the thousands of kilometers that are driven, and the dozens of stops that are made, that not only is your log book proper, not only is your inspection report done correctly, but on top of all that, ALL of your truck’s mechanical components are still running like new (most notably your pushrod length and S-Cam break components). So when you receive a CVOR ticket, and it is a question of “when” and not “if”, you need to ensure that your CVOR record is properly defended.

Even one charge on your CVOR record could cause major headaches when it comes to seeking employment as a truck driver, or getting yourself insured to the do the job you love. Most truck drivers, rightly so, choose to hire a lawyer or paralegal to defend their CVOR related charge and defend their CVOR record.

By hiring a professional you have already taken the first step to protecting your CVOR record, and protecting your livelihood. But that step can be for nothing, and your time and money wasted if you do not hire a legal professional who know how to defend CVOR related charges.

There are plenty of lawyers and paralegals who can defend a normal traffic ticket. But when defending your CVOR record, you need to make sure that you’re going with a professional who understands the background of all the components that they say are not working properly.

They need to understand HOW an S-Cam brake works.

They need to know WHY the breakaway components on a trailer are so important.

They need to outline WHAT “dangerous goods” are, and why they are labelled so.

You need to defend your CVOR record with a legal professional who has experience with trucking related charges. For example, the agents at M.G. Legal Services have conducted hundreds of trials when it comes to CVOR related charges. We know how these components work, and we know how to bridge the gap between a trucker’s knowledge of trucks, and a court’s knowledge of the law.

Going with a legal professional who has beaten CVOR related charges is your only choice when defending your CVOR record. Anyone less is a waste of time and money.

So, my small piece of free legal advice for you is this: Make sure the legal professional is very experience with CVOR charges. A good test is that if they say a fifth wheel is the spare tire on the truck, they are not experienced enough to handle your CVOR case.

For more information on how M.G. Legal Service can help defending your CVOR record, please feel free to contact M.G. Legal Services at 1-877-448-0005.

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