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Small Claims



With a potential judgment of up to $25,000, the small claims court is where many of Ontario's contract breaches and negligence cases find themselves to be settled. Although it may be done alone, often times, self represented plaintiffs and defendants find themselves overwhelmed with the small claims court process. It is highly suggested by both legal professionals and the court that you retain representation to assist you in your small claims court dispute.


M.G. Legal Services is an experienced decision when it comes to picking a representative to exercise your rights. The small claims court may grant a judgment for any of the the following reasons:


  • Contract Breech

  • Negligence Causing Injury

  • Mental Distress

  • Unpaid Rental Fees from a Previous Tenant


Do not let time pass you by thinking about whether or not to take action. There may be time limitations on your situation. Call M.G. Legal Services today and see how we can help.

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