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CVOR Ticket



Anyone who drives for a living knows that a simple traffic ticket is anything but simple. Maintaining a clean CVOR record is essential when it comes to properly managing a transport business, not to mention protecting your livelihood.


Some common charges that could affect a truck driver's, or company's CVOR record include:


-  Enter Inaccurate or False Information Into Daily Log

-  Drive Unsafe Commercial Motor Vehicle

-  Insecure Load

-  Drive Commercial Motor Vehicle – Fail to Display Device

-  Drive Commercial Motor Vehicle – Fail to Complete Daily                            Inspection


Developing a proper defence for a CVOR related ticket takes a legal professional that has specialized knowledge and experience when it comes to defending trucking related charges. Don't risk your livelihood by putting your trucking related charge in the hands of an inexperienced legal professional.


M.G. Legal Services' legal professionals have years of experience with trucking related charges, and have conducted hundreds of trials in the defence of commercial truck drivers and operators alike. Trust M.G. Legal Services to handle your CVOR related offence.


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