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Frequently Asked


Do I have to come to court? 


If you have an Agent to fight your ticket, you do not need to come to court. On occasion though, a better result will happen if you do show up and tesify. M.G. Legal Services has years of experience when it comes to preparing a client to take the stand, and making sure that they are ready for anything that happens while tesifying. 


Most M.G. Legal Services clients do not need to go to court at all. More often, the court agent only needs to meet with the client during the intial consultation, and the rest can be done by phone. 

Should I hire a Court Agent to fight my ticket?


When faced with a traffic ticket or legal issue, hiring representation is an easy task that can ensure you get the best possible outcome. 


When hiring a professional to help you with your legal issues, they can use the experience and knowledge that only comes through years of hard work to make sure that you get what you deserve. 

How long does the process take? 


Depending on the court jurisdiction, the process takes an average of 6-8 months. But, every case is different. Some matters can be completed within 2 months, others take over 2 years to resolve. 


Many factors go into determining how long the matter will take, including the severity of the charge, complications that occur with the court processing, and apprehension of needed witnesses. 


Being said, generally when faced with a legal issue, M.G. Legal Services is able to charge a flat 1 time fee for our services, regardless of the length of time that it may take to defend the charge. 

Will my insurance rates be affected?


Insurance companies are independent institutions that reserve the right to increase or decrease rates when they see fit. Often times, they use convictions on a driving record to increase those rates for their clients. 


M.G. Legal Services seeks to either minimize or eliminate that excuse for the insurance companies to increase your rates by either saving you demerit points, eliminating a suspension, or completely having a charge dismissed. 

What kind of criminal charges can M.G. Legal Services defend? 


M.G. Legal Services is NOT a Law Firm. Rather it is a Paralegal Company. Paralegals can represent defendants in the criminal court only in summary conviction matters where maximum punishment does not exceed 6 months imprisonment. Some of the criminal charges that may fall in this category are assault, theft (shoplifting) or mischief for under $5,000, possession of less than 5 grams of illicit substances, and more.


In some offences, the Crown may choose to proceed “summarily”.  If the proceedings are summary, you can hire a paralegal.

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