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Minor Criminal 



When facing a criminal charge, you want to make sure that your legal defence is experienced and ready to fight for your rights. A criminal record could affect your ability to obtain employment, travel outside Canada, and even take away your freedom.


As M.G. Legal Services is NOT a law firm, rather it is a paralegal company, we can assist you in the minor criminal charges that are most common in the Ontario Court of Justice. As paralegals, we are able to assist you in criminal charges that proceed summarily, where the maximum imprisonment term does not exceed 6 months.


Some common charges that M.G. Legal Services is able to defend are:


Theft Under $5,000


Mischief to Private Property

Indecent Exposure

Possession of an Illegal Substance


Trust M.G. Legal Services to handle your minor criminal charge, and know that you are receiving a quality defence for an affordable rate compared to a lawyer.


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